Crema Cafe | Mobile Crepes


Sweet Crepes
Includes fresh homemade whipped cream and caramel. and a light dusting of powdered sugar
Or à la mode with vanilla ice cream
Crema Crepe
With sweet condensed milk.
Butter. cinnamon sugar
Hazelnut chocolate
Filled with Belgian chocolate
Lemon Sugar
Butter. lemon curd. orange zest
Mixed Berry
Blueberries. strawberries
Caramelized Apple & Pear
With raisins. brown sugar
Strawberry Banana
Fresh strawberries. bananas
Nutella Banana
Hazelnut chocolate
Bananas Foster
Caramelized banana. butter. brown sugar. orange zest
Savory Crepes
Made with our special 7-cheese blend then drizzled with a mild garlic cream sauce on top
Choice of mixed green salad or fresh fruit or french fries
Or substitute sweet potato fries
Breakfast Crepe
Scrambled eggs. potato. cheese. chorizo. avocado. sour cream.
Served with roasted potatoes.
Ham & Cheese
Honey-cured ham. cheese
Spinach & Mushroom
Sautéed spinach. mushroom. cheese
Proscuitto & Mozzarella
Italian ham. buffalo mozzarella. tomato. pesto sauce.
Pesto Chicken
Oven-roasted chicken breast. caramelized onion. argula. pesto sauce
Mushroom Chicken
Oven-roasted chicken breast. mushroom. cheese
Make Your Own Crepe (with side salad)
Cheddar Jack. Feta. Goat. Gorgonzola. Mozzarella. Parmesan. Swiss.
Add Spinach. Fresh Tomato. Sundried Tomato. Artichoke Hearts. Mushroom. Bell Pepper. Kalamata Olives. Fresh
Onion. Caramelized Onion. Roasted Vegetable. Capers. Jalapeno. Cilantro. Pesto.
Add Avocado. Bacon. Chicken. Turkey. Ham. Proscutto. Pork Sausage. Chicken Apple. Sausage. Chorizo.
Add Smoked Salmon